Sunday, April 10, 2011

Make Love, Not War

Some do...     Some don't...     some do and do and.....

     Some people enjoy wedded bliss so much that they don't wait for the first marriage to end before embarking on another matrimonial adventure.

     Uncle Sammy was a lover, not a fighter.  He was too busy with the ladies to fight for his country.  My bigamist, war deserting great-uncle had a wife named Ruby in NC (and supposedly another).  I have a letter Ruby wrote to her sister-in-law (my maternal grandmother) and she refers to Sammy as her husband.  I spoke to my mother yesterday about some of my latest discoveries and asked her about Uncle Sammy.  She said that she never met him.  I asked if he really was a bigamist and how she knew this.  She replied that MaMa (my grandmother) rarely spoke of her younger brother but did say that he was a bigamist.  My mother then said that he might have had more wives, who knows? ? ?   Well, I definitely know about Ruby.  I can't truly call Uncle Sammy a "bigamist" (or polygamist) without proper documentation.  I asked my mother if her uncle was a deserter and she said that he had gone AWOL.
     My great-uncle Sammy had one older brother and sister and one younger brother and sister, though the younger sister died at an early age.
     I have nothing else to write about Uncle Sammy, he was a man of mystery.

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