Sunday, June 21, 2015

Poor Patrick

     I'd been focusing on my 3rd great-grandmother Emily but today, June 21,2015 which is Father's Day, I will think about Emily's husband, Patrick.
     Dear Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Patrick,
            What happened?  You had a family, you had a home... Whatever became of you?  Where are you?

     My 3rd great-grandfather, Patrick Devine was born in Ireland.  He was married to Emily and they had 9 or 10 children.  Their daughter, Teresa was my 2nd great-grandmother.  My grandmother's cousin told me in a letter the names of a few of Patrick and Emily's children.  I added the names I had to my tree and found the other children's names in census records.
     The 1860 federal census has Patrick and Emily living in New Paltz (Ulster County),NY with their sons, Martin and John,  Ten years later and five more children added to the family, the Devines are residing in Cornwall (Orange County),NY according to the 1870 federal census but I also saw them in Newburgh so I'll have to check the dates that the census was actually taken by the enumerator.  What makes me think that these are my ancestors?  My 2nd great-grandmother, Teresa was born in Stuyvesant Falls (Columbia County),NY. The Devine family was living about 5 miles away in Stuyvesant according to the 1875 NY state census.  I never found this family in the 1880 federal census.  There was another child, William, born about 1882, and by 1900 the family was split up.  The 1900 federal census shows Emily, divorced and living with their youngest son, William.  The older children have married and moved away.  I found Patrick down on his luck and living in a poorhouse.
     The Ulster County Archives has admission records for the Ulster County Poorhouse which was located in New Paltz,NY.  I saw the name Pat Devine in the 1900 listing of admissions.  This man was a resident from Jan 2 until Mar 28 in 1900 and then again from Jan 1 until Mar 30 in 1901.  I'm 99% sure that this is my Patrick. What makes me think this?  Well, there are remarks noted with Patrick's information which state that in case of sickness or death, contact Sam Terwillager of Rifton.  Patrick and Emily's daughter, Emma was married to a Simon Terwilliger and they were living in Rifton according to the 1900 federal census.  By 1905, Emily was also living with Emma and Simon in Rifton.  I'm hoping that I have the correct Devine family.  I found the burial place for Simon and Emma and recently ordered Emma's death certificate so I can see her parents' names.
     So where did Patrick go when he left the poorhouse?  I found a Patrick Devine living as a boarder with a family in the town of Lloyd according to the 1905 NY state census.  Lloyd is about 4 1/2 miles east of New Paltz where the poorhouse was.  I haven't confirmed yet if the boarder was my 3rd great-grandfather.  I seem to have lost him in the poorhouse.  I wish I knew where and when he died so I could order a death certificate.
     Poor Patrick, I wish I could find you.

     Happy Father's Day in Heaven.