Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Platter is Overflowing

     I'm putting my blog on hold for awhile. This past winter here in NY was unbearable with the amount of snow and frigid temperatures we got.  My parents relocated to South Carolina after their retirements a few years ago. I also bought a house down there near them but wasn't ready to move yet because I have a good paying job here even if it can be stressful at times. My son spends every summer in SC with his grandparents. I decided a few months ago that he will stay down there.  I enrolled him in a good catholic school and he starts in August. He's so excited.
     I  have so much on my plate that it's more like a platter. I'm trying to get my son settled in down there with everything he needs. I paid the registration and book fees, Gregory took his entrance exam and I mailed out first month's tuition yesterday. I was finally able to get the NY pediatrician to fax over the medical records to the doctor in SC and he has an appointment set up already. I think I ordered the last of the school clothes that he'll need. It wasn't easy to find navy blue crew socks for the uniform. Every store I checked had black or white and the school requires navy blue or white. I'm not sending this child to school with black dress shoes, navy blue pants and white socks. The store I found them in actually had them on sale so I bought 10 pair.
     I think I have everything Gregory needs for school. I'll be flying down next month and staying with my parents so I can take my little boy to school that first week. I have put genealogy on the back burner a little, just a few look ups here and there and I need to focus on finding a job so I can hurry up and join Gregory down south.