Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where was MaMa born?

     I thought my maternal grandmother Eleanor was born in Brooklyn, NY.  I was wrong.  I had ordered her birth certificate from the New York City Municipal Archives and received a reply stating that there's no record of this birth in any of the five boroughs.
     Eleanor Davis was born on June 2, 1917 to Josephine Duper and Samuel Davis.  Her parents were married the year before in Brooklyn, NY and also living in Brooklyn in 1918 according to Samuel's  WWI draft registration card.  The 1920 federal census shows 2 1/2 year old Eleanor living with her parents and younger brother in Brooklyn.
     So,  if Josephine and Samuel were married in Brooklyn in 1916 and were living in this same borough in 1918 and 1920 then I would think that their daughter who was born in 1917 was born in Brooklyn.  Where was MaMa born?
     Samuel's parents were married in Ohio, moved to Brooklyn then eventually settled in Poughkeepsie, NY where they spent the rest of their lives.  I wonder if MaMa's mother, Josie was visiting her in laws and gave birth to her daughter in Poughkeepsie.  Is that why the NYC Municipal Archives couldn't find her?
     Where was MaMa born???