Thursday, January 29, 2015

Goodbye Dorothy, Hello Billy

     A child dies...  A child is born...

     On this day, 29th of January in 1927, my maternal grandmother's youngest brother, William Davis was born.  The new baby entered the world the day after his older sister, 3 year old Dorothy left it.

     Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle Billy!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rest In Peace little Dorothy

     On this day, 28th of January in 1927, three year old Dorothy Davis went to Heaven.  This little angel was my maternal grandmother, Eleanor's youngest sibling.  She died from burns caused by the kerosene heater which lit her dress on fire.   so tragic...
     I had written about Dorothy a few times in the past so I won't elaborate on the cause of her death.  For anyone actually reading this who might like to read about Dorothy and see her death certificate, you can check out my blog posts dated  3/20/11,  3/22/11,  6/7/12,  and  1/28/13.
     I don't have a photo of little Dorothy and sometimes wonder what she looked like.  Did she resemble her older sister Eleanor who had black hair and dark eyes like their father Samuel?  Maybe she looked like her older brother Daniel who had brown hair and blue eyes like their mother Josephine.  I guess I'll never know what Dorothy looked like until it's my turn to meet her in heaven.

     A child dies...   A child is born...  Dorothy's baby brother, William was born the day after she died.

                                                                 Rest in Peace Dorothy