Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dearly Departed...

     Established in 1853 and located in the scenic Hudson Valley on the east bank of the Hudson River in Dutchess County,NY;  Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery is home to my dearly departed Davis family.
     The Davis family plot was purchased by my maternal great-great-grandfather, Daniel J. Davis on 28 July 1919 for $129. (430 sq ft @ .30 per sq ft).  This information was on a plot card that the lovely lady in the cemetery office gave me a few years ago.  I called the cemetery today because I was wondering how much a plot would cost nowadays.  The woman I spoke to asked me if I knew what section my ancestors were buried in.
     I guess the price depends on the location?  Do you prefer a scenic view of the Hudson River or maybe a spot under a shade tree?  Is the price even higher if it's a shade tree by the river? ?
     I gave the office clerk the section and lot # for the Davis family plot and she looked up the current price.  If I wanted to be a neighbor and purchase a spot by my great-great-grandfather, Daniel Davie I would pay $44. / sq ft and it doesn't even have a view or trees.  I wonder how much they charge if I wanted to spend eternity by the water?

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