Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lost in Lloyd

     I've been focusing on my maternal grandmother's side of the family and now I'll look at her father's side.

     My great-great-great grandmother Emily was born in Lloyd,NY according to the death certificate of her son, Daniel J. Davis.  The informant for Daniel's death certificate was his daughter, Fannie.
     Emily Martin was born in 1836 to a mother and father whose names are currently a mystery to me.  She married William H. Davis (middle initial 'might' be a 'J') of Milton, NY.  According to the 1860 census, she was married with two children and living in Marlborough,NY.  By 1880, she had 9 children and still in Marlborough.  That is 'If' I'm looking at the correct Emily and William Davis but I'm sure I am.  The 1890 census is unavailable due to a fire (what remains is not helpful to me) and beyond that I am lost.
     I just noticed that my maternal grandmother, Eleanor had a great-grandmother named Emily on both her mother and father's side.  Both of these Emilys cannot be found.  I should refer to them as my Elusive Emilys.

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