Saturday, April 27, 2013

Missing Child Update (getting closer...)

     I received my great-granduncle, Steven's birth certificate.  I already had his date and place of birth but needed to see the actual certificate to find out how many children were born before him.  Steven's younger sister, Theresa's birth certificate stated that three children were born previously making the total four but I know of only two children born before Theresa.
     Theresa Duper was born in Manhattan, NY on August 14, 1902.  Her older sister, my great-grandmother, Josephine was born in Rosendale, NY on December 11, 1894. Josie's birth certificate stated that there were no children born before her.  The child born after Josie that I know of was Steven who was born on May 20, 1897 in Rosendale.
     I was so excited!  I could barely wait to open the envelope from the town clerk in Rosendale.  Did Steven have two older siblings or was this missing child born after him?  I opened the envelope and read
     Number of this Mother's Previous Children  2
So this would make Steven the third child born to Teresa and Stephen Duper.  The second child would have been born in 1895 or 1896 unless he or she was a twin to Josephine in 1894.  I shared this information with my mother and she told me that she didn't think her grandmother was a twin.
     Who was this child born between Josie in 1894 and Steve in 1897?  Was the missing child a little girl with blue eyes like her older sister or a boy with younger brother Steve following his every move?
     I hope to find out very soon.  Today is Saturday so I'll mail my request on Monday.  My letter and $22.00 check for the town clerk is sitting on the kitchen counter and ready to go.
     As soon as I find this missing child I will call St. Patrick's Church for the baptism information then order a death certificate.
     What was the name of the missing child? 

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