Thursday, May 9, 2013

Goodbye Aunt Tessie

     I had written about my maternal great-grand aunt, Theresa (Duper) Engstrom  who was born in NY then moved down to Florida with her family.
     I finally ordered a copy of her death certificate.  I already knew when and where she died but I was curious about the informant.  I wondered if it might be her daughter, Violet and if so then I would get Violet's last name if she married.
     I received the death record and couldn't wait to open the envelope.  I was a bit disappointed to find the informant listed as Records of Villa Maria which was her last residence and her place of death.  Theresa Engstrom died on November 16, 1995 at 2:15pm at the Villa Maria Nursing Center which was a nursing home in Miami, FL.  She was 93 years old.  There was no burial, she was cremated.

     Goodbye Aunt Tessie.

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