Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Missing

     I'm looking for my 2nd great-grandmother, Teresa's child who was alive when his or her younger sister Theresa (Tessie) was born in August of 1902 but already dead at the time of the New York state census in June of 1905.
     I found out that there had been another child after I received Tessie's birth certificate and noticed that it stated there were three children born previously and four now living.  I'm trying to find that other child.  I've narrowed down the year of death to sometime between 1902 and 1905 but I need to find the year of birth.  I would love to find my grandmother's aunt or uncle.  I had my great-grandmother's birth certificate but it didn't look like her younger sister, Theresa's which had more information.  This must have been a short certificate.
     My last blog post had me wondering if the missing child was born between my 2nd great-grandmother's marriage in 1890 and my great-grandmother, Josephine's birth in 1894. Well, I wonder no more.  I received Josie's birth certificate (long certificate) which has a few errors on it. Besides the parents first names being misspelled it has Josephine Duper's father's place of birth as Australia.  the man was born in Austria.  Most importantly though, and the reason for ordering the long form birth certificate, is the number of the mother's previous children.  The answer was zero.  Josephine Duper was the first child born to Teresa Devine and Stephen Duper.  The next child that I know of was Steven who was born in May of 1897.  Was the Missing Child born in 1895 or 1896?  I guess I need to order Steven's birth certificate to find out.  I'll mail that request tomorrow.  I hope to get my answers soon.

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