Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Missing Child

     A baby was born and then that baby died.  I don't know where and I don't know when.

     My maternal grandmother, Eleanor never met one of her mother's sibling because he or she died as a baby or a very young child.
     MaMa's grandmother Teresa had five children that I know of who lived.  MaMa's mother, Josephine was born in 1894, followed by Steven in 1897, Theresa in 1902, Albert in 1908 and finally the youngest baby, Gerald born in 1910.  Gerald was born in September of 1910 and is not in that year's census.  The census for 1910 asked how many children born and how many living.  At the time of this census there were five children born and only four living.  Who was the fifth child?
     I cannot find the 1900 census for my 2nd great-grandparents, Teresa and Stephen so I don't know how many children Teresa already had as of that year.  I have the short form/short version of my great-grandmother Josephine's birth certificate which doesn't have much information but Josie's younger sister, Theresa's birth certificate shows 3  previous children born, 4 now living.  If Theresa was the fourth child born then when was her older brother or sister born?  When did he or she die?
     I will order another birth certificate for my great-grandmother, Josie as well as for her younger brother, Steven if needed.  They were both born in Rosendale,NY about two 1/2 years apart in 1894 and 1897.  Will the long form (if available) of Josie's birth certificate be as revealing as her younger sister's and tell me that there was a child born after her?
     The 1930 census states that my 2nd great-grandmother was 15 years old at first marriage.  Teresa Devine was born in 1875 and would have been 15 in 1890 when she married Stephen Duper.  Josie was born in 1894 when Teresa was 19.  Was the baby she lost born before Josie?  I hope to find out soon.

     R.I.P. to the missing child.

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