Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baptism or Confirmation

     Gaudentia is the name that my grandmother chose for her confirmation yet I found that name on MaMa's baptismal certificate.  Why he baptismal record?  She told me that Gaudentia was her confirmation name and the name of her favorite teacher.
     My grandmother was not baptized as a baby.  By 1930,  MaMa was living with her maternal grandmother, Teresa.  I think she moved in sometime after her younger sister died in 1927.  MaMa's grandmother who was her guardian now took care of her religious upbringing by enrolling her in catholic school and having her baptized.  MaMa was transferred from a public school to St. Leonard's in 1930 which was actually a few blocks further away from P.S. 145 that she had been attending.
     In May of 1931, at the age of 13, Eleanor Gaudentia was baptized at St. Leonard's Catholic Church.  I don't know if her parents were present at the baptism but her grandmother, Teresa and her uncle Gerald were the godparents.
     Did Eleanor make her confirmation?

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