Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flushing Avenue

been searching...  and searching...  and searching...

     I thought I would have found my 2nd great-grandmother, Teresa in the 1940 census fairly quickly once I had the enumeration district.  The 'ED' number in the 1940 census is not the same as the 1930 census but I converted the number with the help from Steve Morse's site http://stevemorse.org/census/unified.html.
     In 1930, Teresa Duper was living at 991 Flushing Avenue with two of her sons, Steven and Gerald, and her granddaughter, Eleanor (my grandmother).  I found Flushing Avenue in the 1940 census and the block that my family lived on.  I found building 989 but didn't see 991.  I double checked the 1930 census to make sure that I had the correct address and I did.  Where was 991 Flushing Avenue?
     I called my mother and told her that her great-grandmother was nowhere to be found.  I told her that the 1930 census had Teresa's building number as 991 but I couldn't find it in the 1940 census.  My mother said that she didn't remember her great-grandmother's building having a '9' in it, she thought there was a '4'.  My mother was only 7 years old when her great-grandmother did.  I asked my mother if Teresa was definitely living on Flushing Avenue when she visited as a girl and the answer was "yes".  My mother told me to look in the photo album with the old black/white family photos because there's a photo of Teresa leaving her building.  She said that the building number is shown in the picture.   found the photos while I was talking to my mother.  There it is...  "434".  So, if this was my great-great-grandmother's address then what happened to "991"?  My mother suggested that the house number might have changed but that it was on Flushing Avenue.
     Later that evening, I checked the 1940 census again for address 434 Flushing Avenue.  I cannot find Teresa Duper with either address on Flushing Avenue.  I have to do more sleuthing.

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