Friday, April 20, 2012

A "Devine" Disappearance

     They arrived from Ireland.  They started a family.  They disappeared.

     Patrick Devine, my 3rd great-grandfather on my maternal grandmother's mother's side, met his wife Emily after arriving in the United States.  They lived in New York with their family.  Emily arrived from Ireland at the age of 6 and I have no idea when Patrick arrived.  Emily and her family left their home country during the Potato Famine.  Did the Devines flee from the famine as well?  I know that Patrick had a brother named John who married Mary.  I found Mary and their daughter Anna in censuses but I never found the Devine brothers.
     Where were Patrick and John?  When did they arrive in this country?  When did they die?  I have not come across any census records with either of these men listed.  Patrick and Emily had five children and I have a bit more information on only two of them.  Their daughter Teresa, was my 2nd great-grandmother.  Their son William died as a young man of only 20 years old.  William is buried in St Peters Cemetery which is located in Rosendale,NY.  The headstone has his name along with both parents yet he is the only one who is actually buried in that plot.  I don't have the death information for William's parents therefore I have no idea where they are buried.  The 1900 census has Emily as a divorced woman living with her youngest son, William.  Where was Patrick in 1900?  Was he still alive?  John Devine and Mary had only one child together according to the census records and Mary's obituary.  Although John is not in any of the censuses with his family, Mary's marital status is listed as 'married'.  Was John working somewhere else and listed in a census separately?  Mary and their daughter Anna are buried in St Peter's Cemetery in Rosendale,NY.  They each have their own headstone and John is not there.  Where is John buried?

     The Devines have disappeared...
           what a disappointment...

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