Monday, April 30, 2012

Finding Family in 1940

     I'm not losing my mind.  I'm really not.  I know that I read somewhere that my maternal 2nd great-grandmother, Teresa (Devine) Duper had lived in the apartment where she lost her life to fire, for about 40 years.  So, if she died in 1955, subtracting 40 years would have her living there since 1915.  What was I thinking?  Who did I read about living in the same place for 40 years?  I thought it was Teresa but the 1920 census has her living up in Westchester county with her husband and children.  In 1930, Teresa was living at 991 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, NY with her two sons and granddaughter.  Her husband Stephen was not listed with them and I don't know where he was living.  The following year, in July of 1931, Stephen died at the age of 58.  The obituary in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper states that he died at home and the address shown is 938 Flushing Avenue.  Did Stephen not live with his family?  Was the house number changed from the year before?  My mother had told me about the picture of her great-grandmother leaving a building and that the building number is shown in that photo.  That was where she lived (according to my mother).  The address shown is 434.  So I now have three house numbers on Flushing Avenue.  There's 991, 938, and 434.  Did Teresa move?  Were the building numbers changed?
     I searched the 1940 census and didn't find Teresa at any of the addresses that I already had for her.  I finally checked every enumeration that had Flushing Avenue.  I scrolled through page after page, district after district, and my perseverance paid off.  I found my 3nd great-grandmother Teresa Duper still living on Flushing Avenue but the house number is different.  What?  Another address?  Teresa and her youngest son, Gerald are living at 900 Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  Gerald is now 29 years old and still single.  Teresa's granddaughter, Eleanor, age 22, who was with her grandmother and uncles in 1930 us with them again in 1940.  I still don't know where Eleanor's parents are.  I haven't found them yet.  Teresa's son, Stephen was living with her in 1930 because he was separated from his wife, Mary.  By 1940, they are back together and living in the Bronx.
     I'm so happy that I found my grandmother, Eleanor in the 1940 census. ♥

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