Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Davises Divided

1930 ~ a new year, a new president, and the beginning of a new decade.

     Eleanor Davis was a 12 year old girl living with her grandmother in Brooklyn,NY according to the 1930 U.S. Federal Census.  Where were her parents?  I do not know.  I have not found Samuel or Josephine Davis with their sons in the 1930 census.  Why was my grandmother separated from her parents and younger brothers?
     Samuel Davis, along with his wife and children, was living at his parents address in 1925 and was at the same address though the 1930's.  I found Samuel in every Poughkeepsie city directory except the year 1930.  His sons Daniel and Samuel were in two of those directories and even his daughter Eleanor appeared in the 1936 city directory.
     I cannot believe that my grandmother was listed in the city directory with her father and brothers.  I spoke to MaMa's cousin a few years ago and she told me that my grandmother didn't live in Poughkeepsie but sometimes visited on the weekends.  I can believe this to be true because she was living with her grandmother in 1930 (according to the census) and was attending St. Leonard's elementary school in Brooklyn.  I have MaMa's autograph book from her 8th grade graduation and always thought that the dates didn't make sense.  That was before I found out that she was actually born in 1918 and not 1920.
     MaMa lived in Brooklyn during the 1930's while the rest of her family lived up in Poughkeepsie.  She was still with her grandmother when the 1940 census was taken.
     The Davises were divided for over a decade.

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