Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Questions for Susan

     I would love to ask my brick wall ancestors a few questions to get those walls crumbling but for now I'll focus on Susan Lounsbury, my 4th great-grandmother who was married to Charles.
     I had written about Charles earlier this year in a post entitled 'Chasing Charles' dated January 9, 2012.  I also wrote a bit about Susan on March 13, 2012.  Since writing those posts I think I found Susan's final resting place.  I was checking Ancestry.com and saw that someone had posted a picture of a headstone for Susan.  This stone which is located in the cemetery of the Milton Marlborough United Methodist Church in Milton,NY reads Susan, wife of Charles L. Davis followed by the birth and death dates.  I had connected with a distant cousin a while back who told me that Susan had remarried a man named John Mackey after the death of her husband Charles.  If this is true and this headstone is for my 4th great-grandmother then why is she listed as the wife of Charles?  Why is she not listed as john's wife?  Why is she not buried with Charles?  Is it because there was no more room where Charles is located?  Where is John buried?  Is he buried in the same cemetery as Susan?  I called the church a few times but there was no answer.
     Is this my Susan?  Let's see what I've got so far....

1850  U.S. Federal Census has Charles L. Davis and Susan Davis living in       Marlborough, NY with their children
1851  Charles L. Davis died - buried in Anning Smith burial ground in Milton, NY
1860  U.S. Census shows Susan Mackey listed as wife of John S. Mackey.  Along with John and Susan, there is Ferris and Janette Davis
1865  NY State Census has John and Susan Mackey living with Susan's children Ferris and Janette
1875  NY State Census has John and Susan Mackey living with Ferris Davis and his wife and children
1876  Susan died - buried in Milton Marlborough United Methodist Church cemetery in Milton, NY

     It certainly looks like this is my Susan because two of the children that appeared with her in the 1850 census when she was married to Charles are still with her in the 1860, 1865, and 1875 censuses when she was married to John.
     Susan,  Is this you?  Are you my great, great, great, great-grandmother?

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