Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Followers are Leaving?

     This is not a real blog post, just a filler while I'm writing the post about my grandmother in the 1920's.  I wish I could update my blog everyday but I usually write it at work and wait til I get home to look up dates and facts then edit, edit, edit.
     Last night I let my five year old sleep in the big bed with us instead of his own bed because he was going to watch a tv show at 8pm.  He watched his daddy play a video game in the living room instead so I had the bed and tv all to myself.  He'll watch his show tonight.
     I was walking back into the bedroom all ready to go to sleep when my son asked me if i did my blog.  I told him that I had to do a little research and that  I was watching tv instead.  He replied "well, you better go do your blog now before you lose followers."


  1. HA -- how does a 5-year old know about Followers? I do believe these little people come into this world equipped with technology and Internet knowledge.

  2. Wendy, my son knows such terms as 'genealogy', ancestors' and 'blogging' because it is what I do and I share with him. I've even had him sit on my lap and type the draft that I I had written.