Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Searching for Susan

     In January of this year (blog past dated 1/9/12), I was "Chasing Charles" and now I am "Searching for Susan".
     Charles Davis was my 4th great-grandfather on my maternal grandmother's father's side.  He was born in New York in 1800 and died in 1851.  I found Charles and his wife Susan listed with their children in the 1850 census living in Marlborough, NY.  I don't know what became of Susan after her husband died bur according to a cousin I found on Ancestry.com who was also researching the Davis family, Susan had gotten remarried to a man named John Mackey.  This cousin also informed me that Susan's last name was Lounsbury and her mother's name was Mary.
     The 1850 census has Susan's year of birth as 1808 and shows her living with her husband and children.  Ten years later, she is with her new husband, John Mackey.  The 1860 census shows Mary Lounsbury living with Isaac Davis and his family.  I'm guessing that Isaac was Susan's son because he was listed with Susan and Charles in the 1850 census and his date of birth in both censuses is the same.  When I first saw Mary's name and date of birth I thought she might be Susan's sister.  Mary's date of birth is listed as 1792 which would make her a teenage mother of just 16 years old if the dates on the census are correct.  We all know how unreliable the census records could be.
     I wish I knew when and where Susan died so I could possibly get a death certificate is available.  New York State didn't start keeping death records until 1881 so if my 4th great-grandmother died before then I guess I would have to try local records such as churches or cemeteries.  we'll see....

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  1. Ahh the Charles Davis's of the world! Bless them! My brick wall is also Charles Davis - middle name Stanley. Born 22 May 1888 and the only other thing I know is that he told my Grandmother that his people were from Rome NY. Period. Mystery man that he was, he came into town, swept my Grandmother off her feet, they married and he died in an accident in the 30's - never having had a Social Security #. I can't seem to give him up, even tho' he did a mighty good job covering his tracks!