Tuesday, March 6, 2012

~ Ruby ~

     Who was Ruby? Was she wife #1 or wife #2 and did she know that she was sharing her husband?  Whatever happened to Ruby?
     My maternal grandmother's younger brother, Samuel liked the ladies.  I had heard that Uncle Sammy was a bigamist.  Of course I have no proof of this, only family stories.  Uncle Sammy was the black sheep of the family and even spent some time in Sing Sing prison according to his cousin.
     Sammy married Ruby.  I don't know where and I don't know when but I know that at some point she wasn't a happy wife.  While living in North Carolina, Ruby wrote a letter to her sister-in-law, Eleanor.  In this letter to my grandmother which was dated February 2, 1944, Raleigh,NC, she stated how Sammy was never home and was a sorry husband.  I wonder if Sammy was visiting his other wife when he wasn't with Ruby?
     I wonder what became of Ruby.  Did she ever get to meet her husband's family like she wanted to as stated in her letter?  I have among my great-grandmother's photos, a picture of Sammy with a woman.  I have no idea who this woman is.  Is the mystery woman Ruby?  I'll never find out....

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