Monday, March 5, 2012

The Quiet Flower

     My 2nd great-grandmother, Flora on my maternal grandmother's father's side was born on the 4th of March 1863 in Ohio to Samuel C. Braught and Eleanor.
     At the age of 20, Flora Braught became Flora Davis when she married Daniel on the 16th of September in 1883.  They had three children then moved east to New York where Daniel was born and raised.  I don't know much about Flora but I do know that she was deaf according to the 1870 census.  Her husband Daniel was also deaf as a result of a fever at the age of 7.  I wonder if Flora had a fever as well?  Their daughter-in-law, Josephine had Scarlett Fever at a very young age and was in a deaf school at the age of 5.
     The Davis family lived in Poughkeepsie,NY.  The had a strawberry farm in the 'country' and also a home in 'town'.  Daniel died tragically in 1937 and Flora died four years later.

                                    Flora Braught Davis
                                    b- 4 March 1863 Ohio
                                    d- 11 July 1941  Poughkeepsie,NY

                                           ♥ R.I.P. ♥

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