Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Fitzgeralds are Free

     On February 18, 1896, the New York Tribune reported that the Fitzgerald boys are free due to insufficient evidence.

     The following day, the same newspaper stated 'Eglau Inquest Postponed'.  Although the Fitzgerald boys have been twice discharged for being arrested in the murder of Max Eglau, the police detectives apparently have not given up hope of being able to connect them with the murder.  They asked for a delay in the coroner's inquest to enable them to work up more clues.
     A chemist has been at work analyzing the scrapings from the finger nails of the Fitzgerald boys and from the soles of their shoes.  The detectives hoped to find traces of blood stains in the scrapings.  The fireman in the school has been taken into the presence of William Fitzgerald, in order to identify him as the boy who was seen going into the cellar after the murder.

I found the newspaper articles for all my posts about Max Eglau from the Library Of Congress >;words=Max+Eglau?date1=1896&rows=20&searchType=basic&state=New+York&date2=1896&proxtext=Max+Eglau&y=9&x=14&dateFilterType=yearRange&index=1

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