Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year, it's a Boy !!!

                             a new year, a new decade, a new baby for my 3rd great-grandparents

     William and Emily Davis welcomed their newborn son, Daniel on January 1, 1860 in Milton, NY.
     Daniel J. Davis had two older sisters waiting for him when he arrived in the world.  When he was about 7 years old he had 'brain fever' causing him to lose his hearing.  I found him listed in two special censuses for deaf people.
     Daniel met a girl from Ohio.  I don't know if he met Flora in New York and travelled back to OH with her or if he was already living in that state when he met her.  Daniel married Flora Braught in 1884 and soon after had three children - a son,(my great-grandfather), Samuel and two daughters.
     Daniel and his family moved back to NY.  They settled in Poughkeepsie (after a brief stay in Brooklyn) where he spent the rest of his days, until he was struck by a train and died on May 29, 1937.

     Happy Birthday in Heaven, Daniel J. Davis

Daniel and Flora Davis  mid 1930's


  1. Poor Daniel, he went deaf and ended up being killed by train. I can only assume that most likely didn't hear it coming. At least he found happiness with Flora. Was Flora able to hear?

    1. Flora was also deaf. I don't know if she was born deaf or lost her hearing due to the Fever. Their son, Samuel was fine but married a deaf woman who lost hear hearing at a young age due to Scarlett Fever.