Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Sunny Day With Susan

     Last Sunday was a beautiful Autumn day.  The temperature was mild, the leaves were colorful and it was the perfect day for a scenic drive.
     I took my five year old son to a cider festival in Milton, NY.  I noticed a sign in town which showed that there was a historic train station nearby.  I told Gregory that we'd take a look on our way back since he loves trains.  After getting the biggest pumpkin ever (according to Greg) I was en route to the train station.  He was so excited about the pumpkin so we just drove by and didn't even get out of the car.  We'll make the trip again someday.  While driving back to Route 9W on our way home, I saw Church Street and made a turn.  I knew what what I'd find on Church Street but Gregory did not and I said nothing until we arrived.
     Finally...  I had finally come in person to see the church with the cemetery where my 4th great-grandmother Susan was buried.  I wish I had brought my camera but I wasn't planning on this little side trip to the final resting spot of my dearly departed ancestors.  I had promised Gregory that I would not stop in any cemeteries but because this on was on the grounds of the church I told him that I just wanted to see the church.  This wasn't really a lie.  I did want to see this church and the cemetery beside it was a bonus.
     The United Methodist Church of Milton-Marlboro was built in 1812 and sits on Church Street in the town of Milton which is located in Ulster county, NY.  This church is the oldest Methodist building in all of Ulster county. They will be celebrating their 200 anniversary next month.
     I pulled into the driveway of the church and there to my left, near the front door of the church was a tombstone with the name DAVIS.  I felt like I was being beckoned from beyond.  I had to get out and look so I told Gregory that I'd be right back.  I just wanted to see the names and dates on the stone and grab a few leaves. My five year old son told me earlier in the season that leaf picking is silly so I wasn't expecting any help from him.  I was a little surprised when he asked to come out of the car.  I thought he was going to help me with the leaves but he just wanted to walk around and read the names on the stones.  The headstone reading Davis had the names Isaac and Emma Jane.  To their left was a stone which read Susan, wife of Charles L. Davis.  I'm guessing that there was no room in the cemetery that Charles was already buried in?  At this point Susan was remarried.  I didn't see her second husband next to her but then again I wasn't looking.  This was an unplanned trip so I was also unprepared.  The next time I venture out for any lengthy car rides I will have my camera, notepad, and plenty of pens.


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