Monday, May 21, 2012

Mommy's Little Helper

     My son is 5 years old and has an answer for everything.  The other evening while he and his daddy were playing a video game, I asked if they would mind if I stayed in the other room to do a little research.  I said that I was going to look up a few names and get ideas for my blog.  I told them that I had absolutely nothing to write about.  My little Gregory stood up and told me to write about "dead people".  A little while later he came in to tell me that I should do Zak's genealogy.  Zak was our dog who looked like a wolf and died two years ago.  He lived a long life though. ♥  Greg and I had been talking about Zak a lot lately because we watched a wolf show at the local fair last weekend.  I told Greg that I missed Zak.  With a straight face and matter of fact tone he replied that I should get a wolf pup, name him Zak then I won't be missing him anymore.  Like I said, this boy has an answer for everything.
     A few weeks ago while wasting time on the computer with a silly game, my son walked into the room and asked me what I was doing.  I quickly changed screens on the computer and before I could reply, he smiled and in a singsong voice asked "are you looking for your ancestors?"  So I said, "no, actually I'm blogging..."
     Yesterday I told Gregory that he can be my genealogy assistant and help me when I go to the cemetery.  He told me that he was never Ever going to a cemetery again until he's dead.  Oh my goodness!  I think I traumatized the child.  Last summer I took him with me to a cemetery to take photos of headstones for a friend who lives in another state.  Gregory is not afraid of cemeteries but this was a never ending trip.  I had told him that we were just going to take pictures then go straight home.  Well, we were driving and driving along and as we were driving Greg saw a cemetery ahead and wanted to stop.  I had to explain that this was not the cemetery we needed.  This trip took about an hour each way plus the time we spent at the cemetery.  On the drive home he told me that he never wanted to go to a cemetery again.
     Well, that was last summer.  Fast forward to present day and I now have a little research assistant.  Gregory has agreed to accompany me after I offered to pay him for helping me.
     Gregory is Mommy's Little Helper.....  ♥

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