Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Civil War Sam

     The Blue and the Gray.  The North and the South.  The Yankees and the rebels.  Samuel C. Braught lived in Ohio and fought alongside the Union soldiers in the War Between The States.
     My 3rd great-grandfather left behind a widow named Eleanor and children Samuel and Flora according to the records I found so far.  Samuel C. Braught is listed in the 1890 Veterans Schedule with wife Eleanor Clark.  Toward the bottom of that record under the column 'Disability Incurred' is the word 'dead'.  The Civil War Pension Index has Samuel's widow's last name as Sams yet the 1890 Veterans Schedule shows Clark.  I'm not sure why there are two other names besides Braught but I'll post about Eleanor separately.  There is also the Army Register of Enlistments with a Samuel C. Braught listed.  It shows that he enlisted in Detroit, Michigan on March 28, 1864 at the age of 44 and that he was from Ulster county, NY.  He had blue eyes, brown hair, a sandy complexion and was 5ft 4in. tall.  Is this my 3rd great-grandfather?  According to the 1880 census, his son Samuel's place of birth was NY and it stated that Samuel's mother was from Vermont and father from New York.  If this is my 3rd great-grandfather then why did he enlist in Detroit, MI when he lived in OH?  I looked at a map and saw the counties that Samuel's family lived in.  The nearest largest city is Toledo and this is in the northwest part of the state.  The neighboring state to the north is Michigan with Detroit being the nearest city other than Ann Arbor.  I found another record called The U.S. Returns from Regular Army Infantry Regiments, 1821-1916 and learned that Samuel Brought (last name was spelled wrong) died of disease on June (can't really read it but I 'think' it said June) 25,1864 in a field hospital in Chattanooga,TN.  It also stated that he was a private in the 19th Infantry.  I'm guessing that this was my Samuel because how many Samuel Braughts in the 19th Infantry could there have been?  I hope I'm right.  I couldn't find my Civil War ancestor Samuel Braught in any census and don't have any other records for him.  I'll keep checking.
     Sometimes I start researching and doing my look ups on the computer after my son is in bed and by that time I'm already tired.

     no more searching while I'm sleepy...

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