Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boring Blog

     The only pictures on my blog are the ones that I found online and copied/pasted.  I seriously need to learn how to scan and post them online.  My blog would be so much more interesting if I had photos to accompany the stories.
     My goal for this weekend is to learn how to scan then post all photos relating to the stories I've posted so far.

                                            "A picture is worth a thousand words"


  1. Sounds like a worthy goal. Good luck!

  2. Oh gosh -- I thought you were talking about MINE. No, you write very well. Your stories are interesting and more than make up for lack of pictures. But you look too young not to have this little piece of technology in your arsenal, so do it.

  3. I think you are going to love utilizing what you learn with scanning and adding photos to your blog. Take your time with it and enjoy it! Good luck! Will be checking back to see the results!